mBoyle Design

Building a house can be a daunting task.
Through logistics and interior design,
mBoyle guides you to your final destination.

What we do:

mBoyle design understands the dynamic nature of a construction project, especially one in a remote area. Our job is to integrate the moving parts of a construction project to fulfill your expectations in a timely, more efficient and cost-effective manner. We do this through logistics service, interior design, and custom furniture creation.

Construction, even at its best, can be messy, unorganized, and stressful. With the guidance of mBoyle logistical design, it can be ensured that even in the face of challenges, your project will be organized, efficient, and successful. One of the primary reasons for construction delays and added expense in a project is due to a lack of communication between the contractors, design team, and tradesman. mBoyle is the liaison between all members of the project. Through timely reports and inventory accountability, mBoyle eliminates the unknown and saves you time, money, and stress

"The most fundamental definition of design is to solve problems"

Allison Arieff NYT 7/9/16

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We integrate all parts of your construction project in an efficient manner.

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We know exactly where your products are and when they got there.

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International shipping is confusing. mBoyle makes it understandable.

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mBoyle is passionate about design, construction, and your upcoming project.

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We streamline your construction and eliminate compounding delays.

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mBoyle connects the tradesman with the homeowner.

How we do it:

There are many challenges that arise from building on a remote property. Often, these challenges are rather unexpected and lead to unneeded stress. mBoyle knows how to approach these difficulties in a timely and effective fashion, safeguarding the success of your project. We do this through proper planning, inventory, communication, and accountability.

  • Reliable and Private
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for future

What we beleive:

The principal, Mary Boyle is a highly skilled designer who has designed, created, and constructed a residence called New Heights in the Abacos, Bahamas. She understands how challenging building on a remote island can be and knows how to control the moving parts involved in a construction project. In addition to her residence in the Bahamas, Mary has over 25 years of interior design experience having completed projects throughout the United States and internationally. Mary is the rare designer who builds designs from the ground up whether it is custom cabinetry, draperies, custom furniture or textile design.

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What we work towards:

Mary believes that the fusion of nature and architecture can be timeless when individuals are aware of the natural world around them. Additionally, she understands that constructing a new view can be extremely powerful and rewarding if done in a timely, efficient and sustainable manor. By fusing contemporary, mid-century, and organic design, mBoyle design creates a fresh approach to the space. We pride ourselves in creating spaces that seamlessly flow from the natural surroundings to the interior.

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The Team:

Mary Boyle

Margaret Van Landingham

Kara Hungate

Clare Culligan